April 17, 2024

Technical Account Manager - Digital marketing

A few words about us

  • We live and breathe digital marketing, web analytics, and data, and we’re looking for more enthusiasts to join us. 

  • We strive to be the best in what we do, setting trends, blazing new trails, growing, and having fun along the way. 

  • We are a team of thirty, with our main base in Prague, but some of us are from abroad as well. 

  • We don't have a big investor backing us, and we’re not built for sale. We easily sustain ourselves. We want Optimics to be fully in our hands, building something that surpasses ourselves. 

  • Long-term relationships and trust - not only with our customers but also among ourselves - are extremely important to us; we can’t and won’t do it without them. 

  • We help and support each other in the team, there’s no politics, we speak openly, and backstabbing is a definite showstopper. 

  • Our partners include Google, Adobe, Meiro, and SAS.

Why are we looking for someone new and how do you fit in?

  • We recently achieved full-stack partner and reseller status with Google - something we’re truly proud of, making us unique in the CZ/SK market, and we’re playing in the top league in the CEE market. 

  • Thanks to this partnership, we not only have strong support directly from Google (we often get news before they hit the market), but most importantly, we have a large pipeline of leads and customers we can and want to work with. 

  • ...and we’re starting to fall behind... 

  • That’s why we need new experienced Account Manager who has been involved in digital analytics, advertising/marketing for some time. You should be able to fully manage customer relationships, build strong partnerships, identify opportunities, be proactive, and comfortably engage with marketing professionals, including C-level executives.

How we work with clients and what will be your mission

  • Currently, we have dozens of clients, typically larger companies, often leaders in their industry. 

  • For each of them, we measure their "MarketingDataIQ," or the level of their work with marketing data. 

  • Depending on the situation, we propose custom solutions (we don’t have a one-size-fits-all box for sale) - from MarTech and AdTech tool architecture, efficient work with first-party data, their activation, using server-side measurement to highly technical solutions in the cloud utilizing machine learning and AI. 

    • For example, recent solutions include Dynamic Creative Generation, profit base bidding, or generating product names and descriptions using AI. 

  • At the begining, we will discuss the types of clients you are interested in, or the backgrounds you have experience with (in terms of industry, company size, primary language, etc.), and you will gradually take over such clients.

  • The main goal is to ensure high-quality delivery, client satisfaction, and their strategic development.

  • You will be responsible for communication with the client and delivery teams, prioritizing projects within the team, educating yourself on our “menu of services,” and managing the economics of your projects.

  • This is a team effort – you will have senior support (an expert in online data) and junior colleagues whose development you will also oversee together with seniors.

  • Besides client relationships, you will gradually work on our partnership with Google – meeting and discussing with relevant technical and business teams, participating in various events, conferences, etc.

  • The level of hands-on involvement in projects will depend on your technical hard skills and desire.

What skills you will need

  • Knowledge of online marketing as a whole – understanding the specifics of the field and market, being able to engage with the entire marketing department of the client, and having sufficient insight and knowledge.

  • Technical knowledge – Google Analytics, GTM, and at least a basic understanding of Cloud.

  • Czech and English at least at B2 level - communication within the company and with clients is both in Czech and English, and you’ll use both practically every day.

  • As for soft skills - responsibility for yourself and your work, the ability to manage your priorities, an open mind, coming up with new ideas and sharing them, the desire to work on yourself and improve.

  • And above all, don’t be toxic, don’t act like a jerk, and pull together with the team.

What Optimics offer

  • Working in a team of enthusiasts, mutual inspiration, and enough space and funds for education and growth.

  • The opportunity to positively impact the growth of leading and interesting Czech and international businesses and be in close contact with their leaders.

  • If you want to present and be visible, we will help you participate in top industry events and build your reputation – we often speak at conferences ourselves.

  • Flexibility - we don’t have fixed working hours, we care about results, not the time you come and go from the office.

  • 5 weeks of vacation + another 5 days as sick days or for charitable purposes.

  • Profit sharing - at the end of each year, we distribute part of the net profit among ourselves.

  • Budget for technology - the possibility to choose your machine according to your preferences.

  • Budget for coaching and psychotherapy.

  • Great office (pet-friendly) in Holešovice with plenty of space, parking, relaxation zones, and a fridge full of snacks.

  • The usual perks - Multisport card, company mobile tariff, meal vouchers.

What are the next steps if you let us know about yourself

  • We’ll review your CV or LinkedIn profile (just send one of them).

  • Petr (HR) will contact you first.

  • We’ll schedule a 20-minute call to go over your story, fill in any missing information, etc.

  • You will meet our CSO & CMO Vojta (or another business team member) to discuss your experiences, talents, preferences, current clients, projects, and more. Together, you’ll try to design your role at Optimics more specifically.

  • We’ll invite you to a "test half-day" (about 3 hours) - you’ll meet other team members, feel the atmosphere at Optimics, and try working together on a specific task - so that by the end of the day, we can all finally say whether we want to go forward together.

  • Job offer and start according to your possibilities (we can do it in about a week).

Check out our website and blog - it will give you an even better idea of who we are.

We look forward to your response and hope it will be the start of a long-term and great collaboration!