Privacy policy

We care about your privacy more than our policy

We collect data about how visitors navigate our website, including personal information from LinkedIn. We use cookies and 3rd party analytics and advertising services. By continuing to use this website you agree with the following privacy policy.

Personal information


We want to collect personal information so that we can talk to you directly and personalize our messages across website and email. We can only access such data with your explicit consent by signing in with LinkedIn (your password goes directly to LinkedIn and we can never see it). In such a case LinkedIn provides your name, email, current job and employer and we store this data into our database and also sync them with an email service provider. All this data transmission is secured by SSL encryption which you can confirm in your browser.

Our collecting and processing of personal data complies with Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and its implementation in the Czech law (Act No. 101/2000 Coll.). Optimics is registered with The Office for Personal Data Protection, registration id: 00063953. All personal data is used solely by us and we never pass it on to third parties.

If you wish to delete all personal data that we have collected  from your LinkedIn, please click on the button below (only dipslayed if you are signed in). We will delete the whole record and sign you out of LinkedIn.


We use cookies. They are small data files stored on your computer and usually contain user settings and anonymous identifier. This data is used during a repeat visit.

We use cookies to remember your LinkedIn so that you don’t have to sign in next time again. Other cookies are used by 3rd party services (see below), which mostly use them to store anonymus identifier of your browser.

Most efficient way how to block cookies from being exploited is to use private browsing feature. Try to press Ctrl+Shift+P (Firefox) or Ctrl+Shift+N (Chrome). After you close the window the history of all web pages you visited and their associated cookies is deleted. It is then impossible to use this data during your next visit.

If you wish to block cookies you can do so in your browser’s settings. Please consult help sections of the most common browsers:

Opt-in and 3rd party services

We use external services to collect browsing behaviour data in a strictly opt-in manner. What does it mean? If you come to our website as a new visitor no such service is launched automatically. There is a notice displayed pointing to this privacy policy and only when you scroll down or click anywhere on the page, do we understand that as your explicit consent, i.e. opt-in. A cookie which purpose is to remember your opt-in is then stored and external services launched.

Google Analytics

More about privacy policy for Google Analytics:

If you wish to block our usage of Google Analytics please use the opt-out feature. You may also adjust your preferences around ad targeting in Google ad settings.

Adobe Analytics and Audience Manager

More about privacy policy for Adobe Analytics:

More about privacy policy for Adobe Audience Manager:

If you wish to block our usage of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager please use the opt-out feature.


More about privacy policy for Hotjar:

If you wish to block our usage of Hotjar please use the opt-out feature.


More about privacy policy for Mailchimp:

If you no longer wish to have your email address on our mailing list please unsubscribe.