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As a frontrunner in data measurement, analytics, targeting and personalized communication, we cater to diverse businesses - from multinational corporations to local market challengers to ambitious start-ups. All of them realize how much power they have in their hands and want to “squeeze their data” to perform better. On top of our multidisciplinary expertise, we are one of a very few companies licensed and skilled with operating the full array of Google technologies.


Grow your dataIQ


Flawless measurement

It all starts with knowing, not guessing. For more than 14 years, we've been helping companies to clean up, transform and bring together their data streams to create 100% true and actionable marketing plans and overviews



Only when you know what you have, can you start putting it to use. Our analytical targeting methods will give you a tangible measurement of potential and simple tools to start boosting your marketing campaigns.


Effective personalized communication

After mastering the above, we'll be able to create extremely personalized communication, with the right benefits at the right time and place, to drive those conversions through the roof.

Marketing dataIQ calculator

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Offline + online interconnection

For anyone in the marketing world, the data situation is challenging. At Česká spořitelna, we connected 48 applications in 12 months. As a result, Česká spořitelna can for the first time ever understand the entire customer journey and optimize it as a whole.

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From our


Česká spořitelna

Ludmila Špalková

Product owner

“Traditional ways of recruiting in-house experts are failing in an era where there is no universal profile for the needs of modern analytics and marketing. Optimizing your team with specialized external experts brings flexibility and the ability to handle even the most challenging situations.”


Alexandra Posvyanskaya

Product Insight Team Leader

I like the cooperation between the Optimics team and the FEG team. Together We have done a great job of preparing Google Analytics 4 implementation guidelines for multiple user journeys across multiple platforms, both website and mobile apps, which we could not have achieved in 3 months on our own.


Robin Hubáček

Web Analytics Lead

I highly recommend Optimics for their professionalism and innovative solutions.. Their expertise in GCP, GA4, and GTM is top-notch. They provided valuable insights that improved our understanding of SGTM and a unique approach to analyzing attribution modeling issues on GA4 conversions export to Google Ads.




We empower success by unlocking the potential of data and offering actionable insights across various industries.






Elevate your data IQ progressively through our integrated solutions


Planning and architecture

Strategize marketing analytics, audit MarTech & AdTech, assess capability maturity, and unlock
data-driven roadmaps.


Data collection and measurement

Ensure precise web & app measurement, privacy compliance, and seamless online-to-offline tracking.


Data transformation and preparation

Clean, manage, and model data efficiently. Build data lakes, warehouses, and marts for actionable insights.


Visualization and analyzing

Create visually compelling layouts, validate accuracy, and uncover valuable insights through predictive analytics.


Data activation
and optimization

Leverage customer data, personalize experiences, optimize bidding, and conduct experiments for improved marketing.


Full-stack training and consulting

Empower internal teams with specialized data and analytics training for self-sustained growth.


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