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We are a full-stack partner of Google

As a licensed Google Marketing Platform reseller, we equip you with the licence to the most advanced analytics and advertising tools available – Google Analytics (GA), Display & Video 360 (DV360), Search Ads 360 (SA360), and Campaign Manager 360 (CM360).
We're among a select group of partners with the expertise and licensing to unlock the full potential of Google's marketing suite. We provide comprehensive support and onboarding, ensuring your team gets the most out of these powerful platforms from day one.

Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform offers a suite of tools to streamline and optimize your digital marketing. From precise ad targeting and seamless campaign management to in-depth analytics, it empowers businesses to achieve marketing goals efficiently. Manage complex search campaigns, access premium ad inventory, and unify your media strategy with the flexibility and power needed to drive significant growth.

Display & Video 360
  • Real-Time Precision:
    Ads reach the right users at the perfect moment with DV360’s real-time buying.

  • Premium Audience Reach:
    Show your ads on YouTube and other top sites to attract valuable viewers.

  • Streamlined Creativity:
    Easily manage and produce ad creatives with DV360’s built-in creative tools.

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Display & Video 360 streamlines your campaigns with real-time buying, ensuring the right ad finds the right user at the perfect moment. Access high-value inventory on YouTube and through Programmatic Deals, reaching premium audiences. Plus, its built-in creative module lets you manage and produce ad creatives with ease. Automate tasks at scale, target with unmatched precision, and leverage seamless connections with other Google products and Data Management Platforms (DMPs) all within a single platform. DV360 empowers you to maximize efficiency and campaign performance.

Search Ads 360
  • Unified Search Management:
    Simplify campaigns across multiple search engines with SA360’s advanced automation.

  • Holistic Campaign View:
    Get a complete view of your campaigns with cross-engine measurement and insightful reporting.

  • Optimized Resource Allocation:
    Effectively plan budgets and maximize ROI with SA360’s sophisticated forecasting tools.

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Search Ads 360 empowers you to manage complex campaigns across multiple search engines and accounts with ease. Leverage sophisticated automation and rule-based management to streamline workflows and optimize performance at scale. Gain a holistic view of your campaigns with cross-engine measurement and insightful reporting, allowing for accurate attribution and strategic decision-making. SA360 also simplifies budget planning and forecasting, enabling you to effectively allocate resources and maximize return on investment across different business units.

Campaign Manager 360
  • Centralized Control:
    Consolidate all campaigns for simplified management and performance tracking with CM360.

  • Comprehensive Reporting:
    Analyze performance across devices and channels with cross-platform reporting for better insights.

  • Brand Safety Assurance:
    Ensure your ads appear in safe environments with CM360’s verification tools and brand safety features.

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Campaign Manager 360 streamlines ad serving and tracking across all your channels, ensuring consistent delivery and performance measurement. Unify your media efforts with media consolidation, bringing all your campaigns under one roof for simplified management. Gain a comprehensive understanding of campaign effectiveness with cross-platform reporting, allowing you to analyze performance across devices and channels. CM360 integrates seamlessly with other providers, giving you maximum flexibility. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with verification tools that guarantee brand safety and ensure your ads appear in the right environments. Utilize the Floodlight tag for in-depth conversion tracking and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact. CM360 empowers you to take total control of your digital advertising strategy across all of your media buys.

Campaign Manager 360
  • Privacy:

    GA4 offers better control over users' personal data and enables so-called "cookieless measurement", which works even without cookies.

  • Prediction:

    GA4 can help optimize campaigns and increase conversions thanks to predictive models.

  • Integration:

    GA4 integrates directly with Google's advertising platforms, making it easy to analyze data and optimize campaigns.

  • Custom attribution models:

    For a better understanding of the impact of marketing channels, or deeper integrations with other enterprise systems.

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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is Google's website and mobile app analytics tool. It is the successor to Universal Analytics, whose standard versions stopped processing data from 1 July 2023 (for Universal Analytics 360 with a valid subscription, a one-time processing extension is valid until 1 July 2024). GA4 is a comprehensive tool for tracking and analysing user behaviour. With an event model, cross-platform measurement, and advanced features, you'll gain much deeper insight into how people interact with your brand. With an eye on the future of online marketing and an emphasis on user privacy

Campaign Manager 360
  • Simplifies code management:

    No more manually entering and editing codes on the web.

  • Reduces the risk of errors:

    Mitigates the risk of having a bug in your code disrupt the functionality of your site.

  • Makes the site faster:

    By separating tracking codes from the main site code, GTM can help speed up page loads.

  • Ensures better collaboration:

    Allows the team to collaboratively manage and track analytics data.

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Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a tool that makes it easy for you to manage the various tags and snippets on your website or mobile app. Think of it as a central dashboard where you place all the codes for various analytics tools, marketing platforms, and other services.

How to understand the costs of Google Marketing Technologies?

DV360 licence fee is a percentage of your monthly spend on media. There are two types of fees: display and non-exchange fee for campaigns on YouTube and programmatic guaranteed (which is lower)

SA360 licence fee is also based on your monthly spend on media campaigns but it is much lower than DV360.

Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) utilizes a scalable monthly subscription model for licensing. Fees are directly tied to campaign activity, measured by either Cost-per-Thousand Impressions (CPM) or Cost-per-Click (CPC). This structure ensures cost alignment with campaign size, as higher impression or click volumes translate to a proportional increase in the monthly CM360 license fee. It's important to note that rich media and video ad formats may incur additional fees with variable pricing.

What is important, you only pay for the fee if you use the tools, there are no additional monthly fees.

The monthly licensing fees for GA4 360 consist of two parts: fixed for the first 25 million events and variable for each million events.The more events, the lower the price per million events. To give you an idea, an event is a tracked user activity on the site.

Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides powerful cloud computing services to drive innovation and scale businesses. With flexible infrastructure, advanced data analytics, and AI capabilities, GCP empowers organizations to build, deploy, and manage applications efficiently. Whether leveraging scalable computing power, securing data with advanced encryption, or harnessing big data potential, GCP supports seamless digital transformation and achievement of business goals.

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