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Leverage data to optimize betting experiences and increase customer engagement and retention.

Unlock Betting Success with Data Analytics Solutions

Optimics offers tailored data analytics solutions for the betting industry, providing valuable insights into user behaviors, preferences, and betting patterns. With advanced analytics tools, our clients can optimize marketing strategies, deliver personalized user experiences, and make data-driven decisions for sustained growth and increased ROI.


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Advanced Customer Segmentation

Utilize data analytics to segment customers based on their betting preferences, behavior, and engagement levels, enabling targeted marketing campaigns and personalized offers to increase customer retention and loyalty.


Fraud Detection and Risk Management

Implement data-driven fraud detection models and risk assessment tools to identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring a secure betting environment and protecting both the betting platform and customers.


Optimize Betting Strategies

Leverage data analytics to analyze historical betting patterns, identify profitable opportunities, and optimize betting strategies, leading to improved odds, better performance, and increased revenue for the betting industry clients.

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Collaboration Approach

We at Optimics take a collaborative approach, working closely with clients to understand their unique objectives and sales ecosystems. Having data engineers, software developers and integrators and many other system specialists on board, we make sure we have skilled resources to deliver on the task ahead.

Areas of Focus

Harnessing the power of your marketing data, we offer expertise in digital measurement and analytics, marketing automation, data management and targeted communications set-up. We are industry agnostic - helping companies with high traffic marketing data across almost all industries.


For us, the marketing ROI is the ultimate measurement criteria. Whatever you invest into boosting the IQ of your data, must translate into better marketing, better conversions, better sales and better business.

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Alexandra Posvyanskaya

Product Insight Team Leader

I like the cooperation between the Optimics team and the FEG team. Together We have done a great job of preparing Google Analytics 4 implementation guidelines for multiple user journeys across multiple platforms, both website and mobile apps, which we could not have achieved in 3 months on our own.

Česká spořitelna

Ludmila Špalková

Product owner

Traditional ways of recruiting in-house experts are failing in an era where there is no universal profile for the needs of modern analytics and marketing. Optimizing your team with specialized external experts brings flexibility and the ability to handle even the most challenging situations.

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Successful implementation

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How BBG increased the number of tracked conversions by 20%

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Novibet achieved 75% match rate with Enhanced Conversions

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How NOVIBET saved maintenance time by 20% using UNIFIED GTM Tagging


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How can Optimics enhance data analytics for the betting industry?

Optimics empowers the betting industry with advanced data analytics solutions, enabling businesses to analyze user behavior, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their offerings and marketing strategies.

What advantages will the betting industry gain from collaborating with Optimics?

Collaborating with Optimics allows the betting industry to achieve personalized user experiences, increase customer satisfaction, and improve user retention. By leveraging data insights, businesses can tailor their offerings and promotions to specific customer segments, resulting in higher engagement and loyalty.

How can Optimics help the betting industry with regulatory compliance?

Optimics offers comprehensive data management solutions that ensure the betting industry's compliance with relevant regulations and data privacy requirements. By implementing robust data governance practices, businesses can protect customer data and maintain transparency, fostering trust among their users.