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Understand audience behavior, optimize content delivery and advertising effectiveness.

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Optimics provides data-driven marketing solutions tailored for the media industry. Our insights and analytics empower clients to optimize digital strategies, engage audiences effectively, and make informed decisions. With advanced tools and analytics, we help media companies maximize ROI and deliver targeted campaigns, staying ahead in this dynamic industry.


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Enhanced Audience Segmentation

Optimics empowers media clients to segment their audience based on behavior, preferences, and demographics, enabling them to target specific user groups with tailored content and advertisements.


Improved Content Performance

Optimics optimizes media clients' content strategies through data-driven insights, resulting in increased engagement and relevancy.


Effective Ad Campaigns

Optimics assists media clients in analyzing ad performance and user response, enabling them to optimize ad targeting and delivery, ultimately leading to better ad performance and increased ad revenue.

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Collaboration Approach

We at Optimics take a collaborative approach, working closely with clients to understand their unique objectives and sales ecosystems. Having data engineers, software developers and integrators and many other system specialists on board, we make sure we have skilled resources to deliver on the task ahead.

Areas of Focus

Harnessing the power of your marketing data, we offer expertise in digital measurement and analytics, marketing automation, data management and targeted communications set-up. We are industry agnostic - helping companies with high traffic marketing data across almost all industries.


For us, the marketing ROI is the ultimate measurement criteria. Whatever you invest into boosting the IQ of your data, must translate into better marketing, better conversions, better sales and better business.

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Alexandra Posvyanskaya

Product Insight Team Leader

I like the cooperation between the Optimics team and the FEG team. Together We have done a great job of preparing Google Analytics 4 implementation guidelines for multiple user journeys across multiple platforms, both website and mobile apps, which we could not have achieved in 3 months on our own.

Česká spořitelna

Ludmila Špalková

Product owner

Traditional ways of recruiting in-house experts are failing in an era where there is no universal profile for the needs of modern analytics and marketing. Optimizing your team with specialized external experts brings flexibility and the ability to handle even the most challenging situations.

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How BBG increased the number of tracked conversions by 20%

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Novibet achieved 75% match rate with Enhanced Conversions

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How can Optimics support the media industry in optimizing advertising and audience engagement?

Optimics provides the media industry with advanced analytics and data-driven solutions to optimize advertising efforts. By analyzing audience behavior, content preferences, and engagement patterns, media companies can tailor advertising campaigns for maximum impact, increase audience reach, and drive higher user engagement.

What unique advantages does Optimics offer the media industry in data privacy compliance?

Optimics offers the media industry comprehensive data privacy compliance solutions. With stringent regulations impacting media companies, Optimics ensures data protection and adherence to privacy laws. Through robust data governance practices and secure data handling, media organizations can build trust with their audiences while maximizing the value of customer data.

How can the media industry leverage Optimics to enhance content personalization and audience segmentation?

Optimics empowers the media industry to deliver personalized content and refined audience segmentation. By leveraging user data and behavior, media companies can create targeted content offerings, recommend relevant articles or videos, and segment their audience for tailored experiences. This level of personalization enhances user satisfaction and fosters long-term audience loyalty in the highly competitive media landscape.