April 30, 2024

Novibet achieved 75% match rate with Enhanced Conversions

GameTech company • www.novibet.gr Europe & America • Ireland, Finland, Cyprus, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Chile

The challenge

The NOVIBET is an Greece based, internationally operating fully registered online GameTech company. Its goal is to offer an easy to use betting platform for their clients, excellent customer care, good value in their odds offering and all these under a secure and safe environment. 

Without Enhanced Conversions, Novibet faced problems, mainly with the effectiveness of Ads campaigns, as we couldn't track all the real online registrations. Some conversions (registrations) can not be observable in certain browsers and 3rd party cookies are no longer available. 

The approach

Enhanced Conversions for web helped to improve conversion (registration) measurement when cookies are not available. Conversion tags capture hashed customer data and match to hashed Google signed-in data, logging the matched conversions.

One significant advantage of improved conversions is their ability to offer more reliable tracking of conversion events. Consequently, this should lead to enhanced reporting, improved allocation of conversions, and a more data-centric approach to optimization. The aim is not to supplant traditional conversion tracking but to complement it with additional data. 

Implementation of enhanced conversion took place in all Novibet websites which are operated in more than 10 countries. It occurs in several phases. First, gather the user information from the backend. Second, push this user information into dataLayer object. Third, send hashed user information with the Google Ads conversion using Google Tag Manager. Fourth, using Google Ads and Google Analytics reports, evaluate the uplift and profit from enhanced conversions.

Partnering with Optimics

Optimics are experts in the field of digital enterprise analytics, AdTech platforms, marketing automation, attribution, data privacy, cloud usage for marketing and product purposes, data visualization

The results

Privacy is safe with hashing of first-party customer data. Tracking user registrations while maintaining user privacy. Conversions will be better attributable because of the high match rate. Google Ads campaign management will be more effective. Google Ads bidding optimization will be more data-driven.


Match rate
(signed in Google/valid users)


Domains with Enhanced conversions

*Results achieved during the period January to June 2023. 

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