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Optimize e-commerce decision-making and enhance customer experiences for increased sales and loyalty.

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Optimics empowers e-commerce businesses with data-driven solutions and expertise in digital analytics. With comprehensive insights and cutting-edge technology, we help you make informed decisions, enhance customer experiences, and boost sales. Partner with us to unlock your e-commerce potential and thrive in the online marketplace.


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Deeper Customer Insights

Optimics provides e-commerce clients with profound customer insights, enabling personalized experiences and targeted marketing campaigns for increased engagement and loyalty.


Data-Driven Marketing

With advanced data integration and analysis, we empower e-commerce businesses to optimize marketing channels, target profitable segments, and improve customer acquisition and conversions.


Boosted Conversion Rates

Optimics enhances the customer journey, optimizing website usability and implementing targeted recommendations, leading to higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction.

How the

collaboration works

Collaboration Approach

We at Optimics take a collaborative approach, working closely with clients to understand their unique objectives and sales ecosystems. Having data engineers, software developers and integrators and many other system specialists on board, we make sure we have skilled resources to deliver on the task ahead.

Areas of Focus

Harnessing the power of your marketing data, we offer expertise in digital measurement and analytics, marketing automation, data management and targeted communications set-up. We are industry agnostic - helping companies with high traffic marketing data across almost all industries.


For us, the marketing ROI is the ultimate measurement criteria. Whatever you invest into boosting the IQ of your data, must translate into better marketing, better conversions, better sales and better business.

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E-commerce Customers


Šimon Krajniak

Yield manager

Optimics in-depth knowledge of analytics tools helped us uncover issues with GA4 measurement setup. They helped us as well with sophisticated tasks like server-side GTM setup. During the cooperation, we could count on their support, which made the process of transition to GA4, carried out on dozens of our projects, much more comfortable.


Andreas Berg

Chief Marketing Officer

Working with Optimics on the enhanced conversions project, was a real pleasure, and we’re looking forward to using the new data and signals in future Google Ads campaigns.

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Successful implementation

How BBG increased the number of tracked conversions by 20%

How BBG increased the number of tracked conversions by 20%

Novibet achieved 75% match rate with Enhanced Conversions

Novibet achieved 75% match rate with Enhanced Conversions

How NOVIBET saved maintenance time by 20% using UNIFIED GTM Tagging

How NOVIBET saved maintenance time by 20% using UNIFIED GTM Tagging


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How can data analytics be used to optimize conversion rates and sales?

Data analytics can analyze user behavior, preferences, and browsing patterns to identify areas for website optimization, personalize product recommendations, and streamline the checkout process, ultimately leading to improved conversion rates and increased sales.

What strategies and tools are available to personalize the customer shopping experience and enhance customer loyalty in the e-commerce industry?

Personalization strategies, backed by data analytics, allow e-commerce businesses to deliver tailored content, product recommendations, and targeted marketing campaigns, creating a more engaging and satisfying shopping experience that fosters customer loyalty.

How can data analysis identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities for e-commerce businesses to enhance revenue and customer engagement?

By analyzing customer data and purchase histories, businesses can identify complementary products or upgrade opportunities, enabling effective cross-selling and upselling strategies to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.