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Join our team of various technology talent, known all around for being able to mutually grow individual and team skills… in a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

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Very advanced stuff, for some of the technologically most advanced clients, in a very relaxed collaborative atmosphere… that's what we're talking about. On top of competitive packages, we offer something many other teams cannot. In today's world of scarce tech talent, our team comprises top industry professionals from many different data fields, so you'll be challenged and motivated every day by seeing the horizon of possibilities and generating ideas for projects and methods that have never been used before.


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At Optimics, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion. Currently, women make up one-third of our team, including analytical and technical positions. The gradual increase in the involvement of women has had a positive impact on our work environment and the quality of our communication with clients. We take pride in the fact that our 30-member team represents individuals from 7 different nationalities, each enriching us with new perspectives.

Social Impact

One of the key components of our corporate vision is a commitment to making a positive societal impact. Every year, we support meaningful projects, including assistance to animals, non-profit organizations, and humanitarian aid. Last year, we contributed a quarter of a million Czech crowns to Ukraine, and in the future, we are considering support for women in IT. Our employees also have the opportunity to utilize the "Volunteer" benefit, which provides them with 5 extra days off to engage in volunteer work for non-profit organizations and charitable projects.

Friendly Company Culture

At Optimics, we take pride in our friendly and value-driven corporate culture. We firmly believe that this culture is key to our success in attracting talented individuals. Anyone who experiences half a day at Optimics typically becomes part of our team. Our corporate values include:

Our company values:

Building Long-Term Relationships

With both our clients and employees, we foster lasting connections, resulting in our remarkably low turnover. Simultaneously, we promote a growth mindset, enabling our people to develop not only professionally but also personally.

Transparency and Openness

Maximum transparency is a cornerstone of our culture. We share the majority of information with our employees and encourage open communication in all directions. This includes creating an environment that encourages personal growth and development.

Mutual Support

We never hesitate to offer assistance to our colleagues and actively collaborate in problem-solving. We extend this support to our social projects, as we all share a common goal - continuous growth, whether in our professional or personal lives.

Life @optimics


Here are FAQs related to the hiring and onboarding process from a candidate's perspective.

What is the second round of the interview process like at Optimics?

During the second round, candidates spend half a day at Optimics, where 1-2 team members guide them through the experience. Candidates will sign an NDA and get to see various aspects of our workplace, such as attending meetings, lunchtime interactions, and gaining insights into our daily office routines. It's an opportunity for candidates to understand our work culture and for us to get to know them better.

How does the "Buddy system" work at Optimics?

Before joining, candidates are paired with a buddy, usually a senior colleague, who will work with them on projects. The buddy will provide a schedule for the candidate's first days, introduce them to the client's business, technical details, help set goals, provide feedback, and be available for support. Junior team members may start with tasks like testing, documentation, shadowing meetings, and gradually take on more responsibilities with the guidance of their buddy.

What does the onboarding plan include for new hires?

New hires receive access to a comprehensive resource hub with all the necessary information, company policies, team member profiles, and more. They also have a prepared checklist in JIRA, allowing them to track their progress and complete various onboarding tasks autonomously.

Can you tell me about the CEO lunch during the probationary period?

Within the probationary period, the CEO invites every employee to lunch. This is an opportunity for the CEO to personally introduce the company's history, vision, values, and strategy. It helps newcomers gain a deeper understanding of the company's context and demonstrates that each team member is valued. It's also a chance for employees to ask questions beyond what they may have discussed with their buddy.

How does Optimics support career growth and development?

We follow a competency model that outlines both soft and hard skills needed for different levels (junior, medior, senior). Junior employees are aware of what they need to learn, what is expected from their role, and what they must achieve to progress to higher levels of seniority. Additionally, the company provides transparency regarding financial rewards for each level.

What happens at the end of the probationary period?

To conclude the probationary period, we host a company-wide welcome party for the newcomer. It's a fun and celebratory way to mark the successful integration of the new team member into our Optimics family.