April 30, 2024

How NOVIBET saved maintenance time by 20% using UNIFIED GTM Tagging

GameTech company • www.novibet.gr Europe & America • Ireland, Finland, Cyprus, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Chile

The challenge

The NOVIBET is an Greece based, internationally operating fully registered online GameTech company. Its goal is to offer an easy to use betting platform for their clients, excellent customer care, good value in their odds offering and all these under a secure and safe environment. 

Novibet previously managed a few client-side Google Tag Manager containers for handling marketing and analytics scripts on their website. As they expanded and added new countries to their operations worldwide, they realized the need for a more centralized solution. The challenges they faced included inefficiencies in time spent implementing new platforms or onboarding new countries. There was also a risk of human error when applying the same tag across multiple locations. Additionally, there were performance issues with some scripts being implemented in an outdated manner, lacking the use of DataLayer and relying solely on various GTM native triggers.

The approach

Unified GTM helps managing all countries' marketing and analytics scripts from a single GTM container streamlines processes and reduces the time required for implementation. Utilizing DataLayer pushes as triggers ensures consistency in tag implementation across all countries. This reduces the risk of human error that can occur when implementing tags separately for each location. Centralized management provides better control and oversight of all tracking activities. This allows for easier monitoring of performance metrics and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements across all regions.With all countries managed within a single GTM container, maintenance tasks such as debugging, troubleshooting, and updating scripts become simpler and more straightforward. This reduces the workload on the development team and minimizes downtime associated with maintenance activities.

Partnering with Optimics

Optimics are experts in the field of digital enterprise analytics, AdTech platforms, marketing automation, attribution, data privacy, cloud usage for marketing and product purposes, data visualization

The results

Centralizing the GTM container and leveraging DataLayer pushes as triggers offers a more efficient, consistent, and scalable solution for managing marketing and analytics scripts across multiple countries for any client.

Primary Marketing Objective

  • Grow number of main conversion

Featured Product Area

  • High-Value Modelling (Linear regression)

*Results achieved during the period January to March 2024. 

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