2. 1. 2024

Benefits of using Google Analytics 4 360


Google Analytics is a powerful tool, even without the price tag of the 360 version. If you are uncertain about going 360, use this breakdown of premium features listed in this article to see if going in this direction will be worth it to you.

But just before that, let’s get to the burning question: GA4 is free. How much more do I have to pay for GA4 360? Well, there is a scaling payment model, so not everybody gets the exact same invoice, but this ensures that you actually pay for what you use instead of a flat fee.

So, what do you get with this price tag? Let’s break it down by cases.

Scope of data: One of the obvious thighs included in the 360 package is just the size of data you can stream, import, query, visualise and retain.

  • Data retention cap is raised from 14 months to 50 months

  • Exploration sampling limits are raised from 10 million per query to 1 billion per query

  • Data import storage limit has been raised from 10 GB to 1 TB

  • Daily export to BigQuery is increased from 1 million event to virtually inexhaustible

Quality of data: Along with quantity comes quality. Not only can you measure more, you can also do it better. 

  • Each event can have up to 100 parameters instead of 25

  • Event parameter value length for web is raised from 100 to 500 characters

  • Both event-scoped and item-scoped custom dimensions limits are increased significantly

  • You gain access to unsampled reports and explorations of up to 50 billion events per day per property

Quality of life improvements: There are also miscellaneous improvements that allow you to be more generous with the use of GA4 360.

  • Property can have up to 50 conversion instead of 30

  • Audience cap is raised from 100 to 400 per property

  • User properties limit is raised from 25 to 100.

  • Limit of shared explorations is doubled, from 500 to 1,000.

  • Daily API token allowance has been increased tenfold, from 25 thousand to 250 thousand

So, who is the 360 upgrade for? If you manage large measuring systems with a couple of millions of events per day, it’s almost a no-brainer. With systems of this size, you will often rely on BigQuery to make sense of anything, and capping the export at 1 million events per day will simply not allow you to do that. With the diminishing increase in pricing, the more events you are able to feed into GA4 360, the less each one of them will cost.

The biggest decisions are made for properties that are just on the edge of the 360 limit, eg. about 1 million events per day. If you are unsure at this point if the cost of 360 is justifiable, use this article and the following questions to help you in the decision process. What role does data measurement play in your business? Will you benefit significantly from the increased limits in the 360 model? Do you plan to significantly upscale your online business in the future? Will the benefits you get from upgrading to 360 help you cover the cost associated with upgrading to GA4 360?

If you either want to switch over to the 360 system or want further consultation on this topic, reach out to us and let’s see if we can help your business.

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