28. 11. 2023

Invia boost online purchases by 13% with Enhanced Conversions

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“ Working with Optimics on the enhanced conversions project was a real pleasure, and we’re looking forward to using the new data and signals in future Google Ads campaigns.” — Andreas Berg, Chief Marketing Officer, Invia

The challenge

With rising user expectations on privacy and increasing limitations around online measurement solutions, Invia was struggling with inaccurate campaign revenue figures, and unable to measure the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns. The marketing team was looking for a solution to continue optimising Invia’s Google Ads campaigns towards sales that originally start as leads from their website, but go on to convert into real transactions via offline channels.

The approach

To make their measurement more robust, the team decided to implement enhanced conversions across all four of their domains. Whenever a new customer visits Invia’s website via an ad and eventually converts, Invia would supplement that conversion with hashed 1st party data, enabling them to maximise its ability to attribute the conversion back to a specific ad. Doing so allows Invia to recover conversions that would otherwise not have been measured due to degradation of 3rd party identifiers, and ultimately optimise its campaigns more effectively in a privacy-safe way.

Partnering with Optimics

Optimics is a digital marketing agency, specialising in digital enterprise analytics, adtech platforms, marketing automation, attribution, data privacy, data visualisation, and more.

The results

Thanks to enhanced conversions, Invia was able to observe a 13% uplift in online purchases from their Search campaigns. Most importantly, enhanced conversions will allow them to maintain measurement accuracy and continue optimising their business outcomes in a shifting digital ecosystem, and in a privacy-preserving way.

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